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How Modifying Child Support Payments Works in California

Life can be difficult after divorce, and things get even messier when things change and one or both parties has to ask for a modification to a child support agreement. California law looks at a number of potential changes in circumstances that can lead to an increase or decrease in child support payments, and parents have the option of working out a new agreement on their own that is signed by a judge, or going back to court. It is important that the party seeking the change do so officially, rather than based on just the word of the other parent. Verbal agreements are not legally binding in custody payment cases if one party changes his or her mind down the road.

Ways to prevent estate planning trouble after divorce

Many people in California and throughout the nation will enter into marriage more than once in their lifetimes. There are certain things to keep in mind if one wants to avoid estate planning problems that may arise when a situation involves a former spouse. A key factor to prevent troubles down the line is to keep all accounts, records and executed plans updated.

Understanding the contemplative phase before divorce

Many have written on various stages of adjustment in life, such as the grieving process after a loved one's death. It seems there are certain life events that evoke similar emotions in many people who experience them, along with different phases that appear to be common under certain circumstances, such as divorce. Those considering divorce are often said to enter a contemplative phase just before making their final decisions.

Working Together on a Parenting Plan

You may have noticed that there's a lot of talk about cooperation and negotiation when you are going through a divorce. You hear it from lawyers, mediators, judges, teachers, family members, and well-meaning friends who have been there. It probably feels pretty contradictory right now, doesn't it? You may be thinking "If we were able to cooperate, we wouldn't be getting a divorce." Your frustration is understandable. Unfortunately, it doesn't change the fact that negotiating and cooperating with one another is the most effective way to get through your divorce. This is especially true when there are children involved.

Avoid these estate planning errors like the plague

There are many resources available in California that can help clarify laws that govern matters regarding the protection and distribution of assets for those who own estates. There are also estate planning errors that should be avoided and plenty of evidence to show what can happen if such mistakes are made. People continue to talk about former Pop music star Prince, and the debacle that ensued after he died without executing a will, which is one of the most common errors.

Pitt and Jolie facing lingering divorce issues in California

Choosing to end a marriage in court is almost never an easy decision, especially when children are involved. California parents often worry about the potential upheaval and emotional upset that may arise through divorce. On top of that, if there has been a breakdown in communication, parents may have difficulty reaching agreements concerning custody or visitation issues, which can further complicate matters. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear to be experiencing this type of situation, since they have been unable to resolve their differences after negotiating for at least a month.

Tips to Follow to Prepare for Your California Divorce

Getting a divorce is typically not a decision you make easily. Many couples will try counseling or marriage therapy before calling it quits. In some cases, one spouse will spring the divorce on the other without prior notice. But even in these situations, the spouse initiating the separation has spent time considering whether to end the marriage.

Addressing family law issues in California

Many people in California often have need of experienced guidance when it comes to various types of family-related situations. Whether planning to adopt a child, craft a prenuptial agreement or execute a thorough estate plan, obtaining positive results is often made easier by acting alongside a skilled representative. When considering any sort of legal action, it is advisable to seek clarification of the laws that govern a particular matter and discuss the details of an individual family law situation in order to determine how best to proceed to bring immediate and long-term plans to fruition.

Finding ways to avoid disruptions in divorce

Those in California who choose to end their marriages in court often face many challenges in the process. Most want to avoid disruptions in their personal and professional lives during divorce. Doing so is often possible, but it can be difficult if there is a breakdown in communication between former spouses.

Singer says Jolie is being nasty to Brad Pitt in divorce

Hollywood stars have personal friends and acquaintances just like non-famous folks. Many in California might agree that all-too-often, the personal lives of actors, singers and other superstars become too closely intertwined with their professional persona. In situations of divorce, like that of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, this can lead to some difficult challenges, especially when one spouse is making serious allegations against the other.

How Does Your Prenup Or Postnup Hold Up In A California Divorce

An increasing number of couples are recognizing the value of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) has observed an increase in the use of both of these contractual arrangements, also noting that more women are asking for prenups. These arrangements are typically used to protect assets and real estate, address debt repayment, and safeguard any assets or provisions that may already be in place for children or former spouses in the event that this marriage ends. So, just how effective are these contracts when it comes to divorce?

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