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Stepparent adoption is a significant decision to make

If a person in California marries another person who already has a child, the new spouse will have no parental rights to the stepchild. This can have devastating consequences if something should happen to the custodial parent of the child. The court may then rule that the child's other biological parent should have custody. Fortunately, stepparent adoption provides the non-biological parent the opportunity to step in and play a nurturing role in the child's life.

Effects of gray divorce

Many California couples and others around the country have celebrated anniversaries of over 20 or 30 years. Their children may be grown and have started families of their own. At this point in their lives, they may have assumed that their marriages would last forever. However, according to a major university researcher, the phenomenon of gray divorce is happening more frequently in society.

How do you know when your marriage is over?

For some, the realization that their marriage is over comes easily. Perhaps they have a deal-breaker mentality that makes it easy to know when a spouse has crossed the line. You may be like others, however, for whom walking away from a commitment like marriage is a painful, difficult decision. Even when outsiders can see the unhappiness in your marriage, you may want to hold on a little longer.

How to handle the family home in property division discussions

Many California couples and others around the country who get married a second time often develop a prenuptial agreement. The spouses may have children from their first marriage, inheritances, business entities or other assets that they wish to protect should they get a divorce in the future. While prenups eliminate many of the potential conflicts that often arise in property division disputes, some disagreements are still a possibility. A family law expert recently received a question from a woman regarding the difficulties she was experiencing in dealing with dividing the marital home.

Divorce: Prenuptial agreements can reduce potential conflict

Prenuptial agreements are rarely thought of as romantic when a California couple is preparing to get married. One or both of the future spouses may believe that bringing up the need for a prenup gives the impression that divorce in the future is a possible outcome. However, financial advisors believe that such agreements can actually strengthen a couple's relationship.

Social Security benefits and divorce

Social Security payments are an anticipated source of income for most California residents and others around the nation as they approach retirement. Many have worked for years on jobs and have included estimates from the government agency in their projections of retirement income. However, as more older couples decide to end their marriages, those getting a divorce may need to examine how potential Social Security income may be affected. Census Bureau statistics show that over the past 25 years, the divorce rate for those over 50 has almost doubled.

New tax bill will significantly affect alimony payments

While modifications are made every year that affect how California residents and others around the country pay taxes, there have been some major changes in the federal tax laws, starting in 2018. A significant change is coming for the way alimony payments are taxed effective Jan. 1, 2019. Industry experts predict that these proposed changes will have a profound impact on divorce deliberations throughout the current year.

Things to consider in a divorce

When a California couple or another elsewhere in the country makes the decision to end their marriage, there is often a sense of great relief. However, that feeling of relief may change to one of apprehension when someone realizes all the issues that must be addressed in a divorce. Certainly, if the couple has children, matters surrounding their care and upbringing are first and foremost in the deliberations. Apart from that, questions regarding finances are prominent in most couples' minds.

Addressing reward points in property division process

When a California couple is going through a divorce, there are a multitude of issues they must address in the process. Property division is a major topic of consideration in the end of most marriages. While the home, cars, bank accounts, insurance policies and retirement funds may be the main focus, there is one asset that may be overlooked.

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