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Trusts and dogs: Planning an estate to include a pet

Many people in California go to great lengths to document their wishes concerning distribution of assets after they die. Some, however, overlook the need to provide for their pets. Careful estate planning is a worthwhile endeavor that helps protect an estate owner's interests and provides for loved ones. It may also be a good idea to include trusts and instructions in a plan that pertains to a beloved dog, cat or other animal.

Avoiding divorce stress during the holiday season

Soon, many families in California and throughout the United States will be celebrating a festive holiday season. For those who are in the midst of divorce, certain challenges might arise that could make or break celebrations, depending on the circumstances. Others with experience balancing holidays and divorce say there are several things to keep in mind to prevent trouble.

Man's thorough estate planning helps protect widow's inheritance

Some readers in California may be surprised to learn that when an estate owner dies, things don't always run smoothly between surviving family members. In fact, some situations are downright contentious and others even involve possible criminal behavior. This seems to have been the case for an elderly widow in another state whose son and daughter-in-law claimed to have her best interests at heart, but were actually proved otherwise. Thanks to the woman's husband's careful estate planning while he was alive, the matter was able to be resolved.

Many California couples wind up happier after mediation

Those who divorce in California or elsewhere typically face many challenges with regard to lifestyle changes. Especially, in situations were children are involved, a breakdown in communication can evoke strong emotions on both sides. Emotionally charged debates often hinder the ability to achieve swift and amicable solutions. Many people have found that successful mediation helps pave the way toward a happier future.

Celebrities and Stepparent Adoption

A little celebrity gossip for the weekend: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been in the tabloid news quite a bit lately, and it's not due to their professional acting careers. It's their personal lives that are drawing interest. There's much speculation that the alleged couple could be looking at co-parenting Katie's daughter Suri, and may be seeking a permanent arrangement by having Jamie file to adopt Katie's daughter.

Estate planning ideas that may benefit California entrepreneurs

So much goes into creating, launching and maintaining a business that it's easy to overlook certain things that might be beneficial toward future success. California business owners may want to consider the following estate planning tips that have proved helpful to other entrepreneurs. Not taking time to plan one's estate may lead to future problems, when family members are left wondering who will inherit assets.

Do Young People Need a Prenup? For Some, the Answer is Yes

The millennial generation - those aged 18 to 35 -are tying the knot. For most young adults without children, a prenuptial agreement is the last thing on their minds, but depending on financial circumstances, it should be. Time magazine reports that more than half of the members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers polled saw an increase in the number of millennial prenups.

Children's extra curricular activities may pose family law issues

California, like every other state, has its own guidelines and regulations concerning child support issues. When parents divorce, the court has the ultimate say in whether either party will be ordered to pay child support, as well as the amount and time schedule of such payments. In an interesting development in another state, it appears that having a child who may be an overachiever can cause unexpected family law issues for divorcing parents.

Extreme Property Disputes

When a couple separates, child custody and support are often the foremost issues. But property disputes are not far behind, and especially so if there are no children and you have been married for awhile. You want what's yours, right? It may seem somewhat simplified in California, due to community property law. But deciding what is separate property versus community property can be a complicated matter. Moreover, even if something is easily identified as joint property, it may not be so easy to split evenly. With that in mind, let's take a look at three property disputes that got somewhat out of hand.

Estate planning: To execute one or not, that is the question

Many people in California have many things on their minds other than what will happen to their "stuff" after they die. When the topic of estate planning arises, some immediately change the subject because they do not like to think about their own mortality. Others, however, recognize the potential benefits of a carefully crafted plan.

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