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Do divorce and court go hand in hand?

When preparing to end your marriage, you may have concerns about having to go to court. Believe it or not, all divorce cases do not end up in court. There are other ways to resolve conflicts and reach a fair dissolution settlement.

Helping special needs children through divorce in California

Children without special needs may have a difficult time coping when their parents breakup. Imagine, then, what it would be like for children in California who do have special needs, like autism? They will likely need extra help to deal with their parents' divorce. Indeed, both the children and the parents may need professional help in this instance.

How can prenups help in the divorce process?

When most couples in California or anywhere around the nation plan a wedding, they are not likely thinking that their marriages will ever end. However, increasing numbers of couples are considering the need for prenuptial agreements in the event of a future divorce. While a prenup may not be in the forefront of the minds of a typical couple, one might think a couple with millions of dollars between them would consider a marital agreement to be necessary before tying the knot. Yet, rumors about a recent celebrity union include the fact that a prenup was not included in their wedding plans.

Handling property division in a gray divorce

There are a plethora of issues to address when a California couple or those living elsewhere decide to get a divorce. When a couple is younger, the discussions often turn initially to child custody or support. However, as years pass, the focus tends to shift to the issue of property division. In fact, if a couple is over the age of 50, there are several factors to consider related to retirement accounts and divorce.

Divorce lawyers cite increase in couples seeking prenups

Prenuptial agreements are not typically the first thing on the minds of California couples or others around the nation. While not necessarily the most romantic topic to discuss prior to tying the knot, these documents can prove to be valuable should a couple subsequently decide to get a divorce. In fact, a majority of matrimonial lawyers have witnessed an increase in the number of clients who want to get some sort of marital agreement.

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