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Back-to-school post divorce: Which parent goes to the bus stop?

If one of the things you did this summer was get divorced, you might be feeling a bit anxious about your children's upcoming school year. In California and throughout the nation, kids and parents everywhere are shopping for supplies, filling backpacks and gearing up for the new academic year ahead. If your family has undergone a major life-change in divorce, you may face several additional challenges this year, such as who should accompany your children to the bus stop on their first day of school?

Estate planning important for everyone

What could happen if a California resident has not planned for the future? Perhaps a catastrophic illness or accident leaves a person incapacitated and unable to make decisions or provide personal care. If this unfortunate situation happens to someone who has not done any estate planning, there would likely be a lot of confusion and potential legal issues for loved ones.

Financial planning important during a divorce

Deciding to end a marriage in California or elsewhere around the country can have a significant impact on someone's emotions. However, many fail to take into account how a divorce will affect their finances as well. Financial experts recommend addressing several issues when going through a divorce to avoid making potentially expensive mistakes.

Naming an executor important part of estate planning

Choosing the executor of an estate is an important task for California residents and others around the nation. Much thought and consideration should go into selecting someone for this critical role. The responsibilities of an executor are complex, and naming someone to do this job is key to ensuring a person's wishes are carried out as expressed. Estate planning experts offer some insight on the role of executor.

Prenup important for business owners in divorce cases

Many California residents and others around the country are going into business for themselves. Whether developing a product or offering a service, more and more people are embarking on start-up business ventures. Married or engaged couples often work with each other as the new company gets started. While a common practice, this interaction could lead to complications should the couple get a divorce.

Estate planning is an important process for everyone

The majority of California residents, like others around the country, have likely given little thought to what life will be like for their loved ones after they have passed. Most have not gone through the process of estate planning because they believe it is not necessary unless someone has a certain amount of assets. However, certain issues such as guardianship of children and health care are critical for everyone, regardless of income level. Experts weigh in on the importance of creating an estate plan.

No need for shame when getting a divorce

A statistic is often quoted that 50 percent of those getting married in California and around the nation don't stay married. In fact, the divorce rate for the country is dependent on several factors, such as age and when someone got married. Even with such a high number of marriages ending in divorce, it can be a source of shame for some. However, experts want to eradicate that thinking.

Business protection starts before the wedding bells ring

Planning to marry the one you love is probably one of the most special times of your life. Like most California business owners, you may also be wondering how to protect your assets as you and your beloved spouse build your new life together. It's doubtful anyone gets married while thinking about divorce; however, business is business and you wouldn't be where you are today if you didn't prepare as much as possible for an unpredictable future.

Women getting divorced should consider estate plannning

The life expectancy for women in California and around the country is roughly five years more than for men. Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention n thaotet 38 percent of marriages in the nation end in divorce. Couple the divorce rate with the longer life expectancy for women, and it results in many women having the responsibility for managing their finances well into their future. Given this potential, it would be advantageous for women to give serious consideration to estate planning.

Veteran's PSTD treatment an issue in child custody case

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PSTD, is often a condition found in military veterans from California and across the country who have experienced extreme circumstances while serving. Many veterans prefer not to discuss the details of their combat experience or other traumatic events. However, one veteran's refusal to share the details of an event that occurred while he was deployed overseas is at the core of a child custody dispute in another state.

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