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Getting divorced? Remember to adjust your estate plans.

The end of your marriage signals changes in almost every area of your life, and your estate plans are no exception. While you are in the midst of stressful decisions and negotiations over important issues, it is easy to forget to protect yourself by adjusting your will, power of attorney and other legal documents.

Why individual retirement accounts can't be placed in trusts

Financial issues are usually complex and confusing for those with no formal background in the field. Many people in California hire financial advisers to help them manage their money and investments. Some rely on experienced estate planning attorneys as financial issues regarding trusts and other money matters often overlap with estate planning issues.

Lack of knowledge holds some back from estate planning process

Talking about one's own mortality is not always a welcome subject. In fact, many people in California and throughout the nation avoid such topics as much as possible. However, one of the typical reasons for such discussions has to do with estate planning.

Exploring family law resources in California

Perhaps you're one of many California residents whose marriage is headed for divorce. Or, your marriage might be perfectly intact and you and your spouse are considering child adoption to expand your family size. Maybe you haven't even gotten married yet, but are planning to do so and need help crafting a solid prenuptial agreement. Although these issues vary greatly from one another, all are aspects of family law.

Tarek and El Moussa still working together after divorce

Some people in California will determine their marriages are no longer viable this year. Impending divorce may be somewhat uneventful, swift and simple, or wrought with obstacles, complications and challenges. Many find ways to set their differences aside in order to focus on a common goal, whether that involves children, finances or long-standing business relationships.

Things to avoid when it comes to estate planning

Some people in California might be like others throughout the nation who tend to avoid any topic of conversation that has to do with their own mortality. However, many see great value in such discussions, especially in regard to estate planning. The process of planning an estate is highly customizable, so there are often many various questions and issues that need addressed before a final plan is executed.

Navigating the family law process for child adoption

Many California couples hope to expand their families by welcoming children by adoption. Those going through this family law process for the first time might have many questions regarding various regulations, fees and other issues. There are basically two types of adoption: private and public. It often helps to access outside resources when determining which is best in a particular situation.

Estate planning, advanced directives and doctor errors

What does estate planning have to do with emergency room doctors? Given the fact that many plans include living wills (otherwise referred to as advanced directives) there is a strong connection between such documents and emergency room physicians. Doctors in California and elsewhere are often called upon to quickly interpret these estate planning directives when patients arrive in need of urgent care.

Divorce doesn't mean you have to waive your rights

Those in California who have ended their marriages understand how complex and challenging the process can be. However, just because you've chosen to divorce does not mean you are forfeiting your personal rights. What rights you have pertaining to your divorce depends on various factors, including whether you have children, whether you signed a prenuptial or separation agreement and what current state laws have bearing on your particular situation.

Some debts outlive your marriage

What seemed practical and wise then may feel foolish now. When you and your spouse consolidated your student loans, you expected to work together to pay them off, bearing the burden as a couple. However, you did not count on a divorce and the headache of dividing assets and debts.

Using family law resources to draft a good prenuptial agreement

Many California residents will makes plans to marry this year. Each couple has different goals regarding what is most important to them as they take their first steps toward a lifetime of happiness together. Family law attorneys often help soon-to-be spouses draft prenuptial agreements as part of their wedding planning process.

Estate planning and family feuds: What do they have in common?

No two California families are exactly alike. One way in which this is evident is estate planning. While some families are comprised of very few members, others might have more than 10. However, family size is irrelevant with regard to whether an estate is one of simple means and assets or one of high net worth value.

Restraining order issued in Robin Thicke family law situation

Hip hop fans in California and throughout the nation might be keeping updated on an embittered child custody battle between Robin Thicke and his former wife, Paula Patton. Their son Julian's safety and well-being is at the heart of the allegations. His mother filed a request in a family law court asking that a restraining order be issued against her former husband. A judge has since granted her request, at least temporarily.

The ever-changing tax laws of estate planning

Anyone in California who has been involved in planning an estate (or administering one) likely understands the challenges that arise regarding estate taxes. Laws governing such matters are constantly changing, making it a good idea to keep an estate plan updated to reflect current laws. Estate planning is a highly customizable process and many people have found ways to minimize the tax burdens their loved ones will bear when the time comes to administer their estates.

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