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July 2018 Archives

Couples who spend more on weddings at higher risk for divorce

Weddings in California can be expensive, but whether a couple spends a few hundred dollars on their special day or tens of thousands, most believe that the outcome is the same -- the celebration of the start to a happy marriage. A recent study showed that this line of thinking might not be accurate. Researchers discovered that the more couples spent on their wedding, the higher their chances of divorce were. 

Want to avoid confrontation? Non-litigation options for divorce

If you were to closely observe your extended family members, friends and co-workers in California or beyond, you'd likely notice that some people are, by nature, more argumentative than others. Where do you fall regarding this classification? Are you someone who is prone to debate even the most minor issue or do you try to avoid confrontation at all cost?

Another state passes child custody law promoting shared parenting

When a couple decides to get a divorce in California or elsewhere around the country, there are dozens of issues to address. While property division may seem to be of utmost importance, couples with children have crucial decisions to make. Child custody determinations can often create conflicts among the parting spouses. Another state has recently passed a law regarding shared parenting that may prompt other states to examine their custody practices.

Couples separating, delaying divorce affects property division

Many couples in California and all around the nation are separating, yet still remaining married to one another. When celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain recently passed away, this scenario was found to be true for him. He had never gotten a divorce, though he had been separated for quite some time. While couples may have a variety of reasons for doing this, it is worth noting that the practice may have significant implications regarding property division.

New tax law affects how alimony in a divorce will be handled

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 that became effective on Jan. 1, 2018 affected many California residents and others around the country. While the Act addressed numerous issues, one notable topic dealt with how alimony, also known as spousal support, will be taxed. These tax changes will have a great impact on those couples who divorce in 2019.

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