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February 2016 Archives

Safe Harbor 2.0 Causing Confusion Over Data Transfers

Some of the biggest tech giants in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, such as Facebook, Google and Apple are being held on a wire over international data transfer laws. Due to an increased focus in the media over privacy shields, user information and government data, the original Safe Harbor agreement was reviewed by Europe's highest court last October. When the agreement was struck down, both U.S. and European officials had to scramble to negotiate a new one.

What Exactly Is Probate In California?

You may have heard this legal term before of an estate going through "probate." You may have even heard friends or family say this is something you want to avoid. But have you ever wondered exactly what probate means in California? Below is a quick summary of probate, the probate process and what assets can be excluded during the probate process.

Avoid Probate and Five Other Reasons to Get a Trust

One of the biggest headaches in administering an estate after the passing of a love one is probate. Probate is notoriously known for being long, expensive and stressful. When a person passes without a will or trust, the probate process can become especially burdensome for surviving loved ones.

Dual Necessity of a Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Care Directive

Have you ever considered what you would want if you were on life support? Would you want the doctors to pull the plug? How about only if you had brain activity? What if it was not completely certain how much physical function you would have? The possible scenarios are endless. Unfortunately, just talking about it with your loved one is not enough to give them legal decision-making authority on your behalf in case you ever are incapacitated. A painful situation for loved ones to be in, this can all be prevented through utilizing basic estate planning tools.

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