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There is an alternative if traditional co-parenting isn't for you

How many news stories have you read about divorced celebrities who go on vacation together with their children and go on picnics together as a family? These and parents like them are applauded for putting aside their differences and getting along for the sake of their children. In a perfect world, every divorced couple could do this.

Appealing a child custody decision in California

When a judge makes the decision about who the children will live with after their parents are divorced, it could leave a bad taste in one parent's mouth. Appealing a child custody ruling takes proper planning and must adhere to California family law rules. Temporary orders usually can't be appealed. The appeal process typically pertains to final rulings.

Wait of 4 months or more for would-be divorce in California

It is a well-known fact that divorces can take a long time to settle. People typically blame confusion over assets, difficult negotiations or a stubborn ex for the lengthy process. However, couples seeking a divorce in California may have an additional factor delaying their process, thanks to a large backup of family court cases in the state. 

Hopeful news for fathers seeking custody in California

Fathers, and men in general, are often portrayed poorly in movies, shows and books. Many real-life California fathers must fight to overcome such stereotypes, which often include images of disconnected, lazy dads who are more like overgrown toddlers than productive members of society. Real fathers often have their children's best interests at heart and do whatever they can to help them grow into confident, successful adults.  

Prenups can ease conflict should divorce occur

Prenuptial agreements are not exactly the most romantic subject a couple planning a wedding may broach in California or elsewhere around the country. Discussing how to divide property should a divorce occur is simply not met with the same enthusiasm as choosing the color of the bridesmaids' dresses or picking a honeymoon destination. However, developing a prenup may actually foster better communication in a relationship if handled properly.

Child custody in California: Can kids choose who to live with?

Divorce often puts children in very precarious positions. They may feel a tremendous amount of guilt, especially when older kids have a preference when it comes to child custody. They may wish to live with one parent full time instead of the other, and California courts may take their desire into consideration if it can be shown that their preference is made intelligently and realistically -- usually around their mid to late teens.

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