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Hotel giving refunds to those who divorce

Many California couples whose relationships are struggling to survive try to reignite the flames of love by taking romantic vacations. Some, in fact, do wind up feeling refreshed and renewed in their marital commitments. Others, however, are more determined than ever to file for divorce when they return home.  

Steer clear of these estate planning pitfalls.

Discussing the topic of mortality is not something many people are typically eager to do. Most people in California understand the importance of a thorough estate planning process, and such discussions are often the starting point to execute a concrete plan. As crucial as knowing what steps to take to compile documents is knowing what not to do in order to avoid common mistakes others have made in the past. 

When disputes arise over family pets in divorce

When California couples get married, they typically have plans and goals for their future. Some people dream of having many children and living in the country. Others want to build successful businesses and keep pets rather than have children; then there are those who combine both ideas. Regardless of lifestyle, if divorce occurs at some point, disputes regarding the custody of children and/or pets may be difficult to resolve if one spouse refuses to compromise.

Untying the knot again

Despite the depressing statistics about marriage and divorce, many people are determined to defy the odds and make their marriages last. You may have been one of those people who were certain you and your spouse would grow old together and were crushed when the marriage ended.

Addressing health care directives through estate planning process

Many California residents have found themselves in urgent medical situations where they are unable to speak for themselves due to some type of incapacitation. If a patient in such circumstances has executed estate planning documents that include health care directives, doctors will refer to such plans to determine how to proceed in a life-or-death situation. If the patient has appointed another party or parties to make health-related decisions on his or her behalf, then medical professionals are obligated to adhere to such instructions.

How can ex-spouses co-parent if they do not get along?

Divorce is a difficult time, and with the end of a marriage comes emotions that can make it difficult to imagine working together with your ex-spouse on any issue, but especially child custody. Despite these complex feelings and the difficulty of setting these types of emotions aside, many California parents find it beneficial to work together to co-parent their children.

Protecting rightful owenrship in divorce

It's often difficult to pinpoint what leads to the dissolution of a particular marriage. Some California couples say they've simply grown apart over the years. Interests change, communication breaks down, and spouses drift away from one another. Others say their divorce came about after a particular event, such as one spouse's act of infidelity or some sort of financial disagreement.

Is it possible to change an existing child support order?

California parents are legally obligated to financially support their children until they reach adulthood, but some parents may find it difficult to keep up with this obligation. Whether you cannot make payments due to new circumstances or you find that the current amount of support is not sufficient, you need to know how to modify an existing child support order.

Things to keep in mind regarding finances and divorce

If a California marriage comes to an end, those involved may be faced with various types of challenges that require special attention. For instance, when someone decides to file for divorce, a topic of high priority is often finances. Especially if the person filing has been a full-time stay-at-home parent and has no regular means of income.

Carefully choosing executor part of thorough estate planning

Everyone dies; it's a fact of life. Many California residents want to be as prepared as possible for such events insofar as protecting their interests and leaving instructions as to whom should inherit their assets after they're gone. Thorough estate planning is beneficial in many ways. The process is highly customizable, but a common aspect involves choosing an executor to a will.

Clarity in estate planning crucial to avoiding problems

There's an old party game called "telephone," where one person whispers a phrase to another, then that person to the next, and so on, until the last person in line is reached. After the final participant announces what was said to him or her, uproarious laughter often ensues when the phrase so drastically differs from what the first person actually said. While such antics make for lots of California party fun, misinterpreting what's been said can be disastrous in other situations, such as the estate planning process.

Estate planning: A topic women tend to avoid

Many women in California and elsewhere like to talk about a wide range of topics. However, data suggests estate planning is not often one of them; in fact, there's evidence some women typically avoid this subject as much as possible. Others, however, understand that procrastination in this area may lead to stress and complications for loved ones in the future.

Watch out for these estate planning disasters!

The last thing a grieving spouse in California needs is to face legal problems regarding financial affairs. To avoid such complications, many couples execute estate planning documents alongside help from experienced attorneys who can alert them of any hidden issues that may pose potential problems when one of the spouses dies. For instance, one widower ran into trouble concerning his deceased wife's 401(k) assets.

Will pursuing a mediated settlement make my divorce easier?

When getting divorced, you naturally may feel as though your life is spiraling out of control. However, divorce mediation can help you to take full control of planning your own life and making wise decisions about your future when going through the dissolution of a marriage. Pursuing a mediated settlement in California is particularly beneficial for parents who will have to keep making decisions together long after the divorce has been finalized.

Some states changing family law regarding shared custody

Many children in California are brought up in homes with only one parent due to divorce. In fact, it's not uncommon for former spouses to face various family law issues, including child custody and child support concerns. No two situations are exactly the same, but studies show children typically fare best when they have ample amounts of time with both parents after divorce.

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