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Don't believe these child custody myths!

When you got married and began a life with your new spouse in California, you likely could never envision that you'd one day be involved in a contentious child custody battle with that same person. The reality that not all marriages last a lifetime may have come as a shock to you when it was your own marriage headed for divorce. Whether you have one, three or more children, you are no doubt like most parents who only want what's best for them.

Is it ever okay to keep children away from a parent in divorce?

Any time a California couple starts thinking about ending their marriage, they are likely aware that various obstacles and challenges might arise during the process. If they have children together, thoughts may focus on new parenting plans, who (if anyone) might have to pay child support, who the children should live with and more. Even after all is said and done, and a divorce is finalized, disagreements between parents often resurface.

Settling a support agreement isn't child's play

The primary concern of any parent should be the welfare of his or her child or children. This should hold true even during or after a divorce. Unfortunately, this may be a time when one parent loses sight of that guiding principal in an effort to alter the outcome of a child support payment decision.

Estate planning good idea for those who intend to travel

California parents often have to take care of several different things at home before they travel. Obviously, child care is a main issue. Another matter that might not immediately come to mind is that of estate planning. Many people try to avoid the topic, while others see it as a high priority.

Where to get help with child custody and other family law issues

Even the strongest of families in California and throughout the nation sometimes face difficult challenges in life. Often, problem situations involve some aspect of family law, such as divorce, child custody or other related issues. A person can feel alone and overwhelmed if he or she does not know where to turn for support in times of need.

Amicable divorces and mediation

Divorce is never an easy process. No matter how amicable the couple is or how well they work together, the process of dissolving a marriage is a difficult one. However, just because the process is difficult, does not mean that it is impossible to a couple to work together for the most beneficial goal available to them.

Estate planning a valuable tool in process of farm succession

California has deep roots in agricultural history. Farming is considered a backbone industry in the United States, and many modern farmers are searching for new ways to help sustain it as a viable means of sustainable income for future generations. Farm succession is a term that encompasses a variety of ideas focused on transferring knowledge, skill and assets to others. Careful estate planning is a significant part of the process.

Discarding adoption myths can let you hold your own baby soon

Although you undoubtedly made your decision to adopt a child with careful consideration and with full understanding of the legal, financial and emotional commitment it will require, well-meant advice from others may be overwhelming. Many myths exist about adoption, and separating those from facts and focusing on the latter can ease the adoption process.

Don't get called back into court for failure to comply in divorce

For some reason, many people in California and across the country choose to end their marriages during the month of January. Divorce filings tend to increase after the major holiday season, with numbers peaking somewhere near March and then decreasing again toward autumn. New financial plans are often incorporated into New Year resolutions. Getting divorced in January may increase the need to accomplish those goals.

Don't forget to include estate planning updates in your new year

Many California homeowners have schedules for regular home maintenance and housekeeping chores. Financial advisers suggest incorporating estate planning updates to the mix in order to keep your plan current and accurate. Between one year and the next, various types of life changes may occur that might bear significant impact on an estate plan.

Foster parents battle Native Americans in a family law dispute

Many California families include fostered or adopted children. In fact, many foster parents become legal guardians or adoptive parents of their foster children. A current situation in another state has erupted into a contentious family law battle over a child of Native American heritage.

Where to find answers to estate planning questions

Many California families regularly discuss important issues regarding wills, trusts, advanced medical directives and other such matters. Others tend to avoid topics pertaining to mortality, thinking they will address such issues if an urgent need arises to necessitate their doing so. There are many reasons to consider estate planning as an option that is better implemented sooner than later.

Significant financial changes could warrant support modification

At the time of your divorce, you and your ex-spouse likely came to agreeable terms for child support. However, because circumstances can change throughout your life, terms that were once feasible to handle may become more difficult to abide by. If your child support agreement becomes a hindrance that seriously impacts your life, you may wish to consider seeking changes to your agreement.

Estate planning speculation surrounding George Michael's death

Christmas Day became tinged with sorrow for pop music fans in California and throughout the world upon the announcement that superstar George Michael had unexpectedly passed away. Tweets suggesting the singer may have been suicidal were posted, although that particular Twitter account has since been closed. There has also been speculation regarding whether Michael had gone through any official estate planning process, in particular, whether he left instructions as to how to distribute his assets.

Addressing attitude issues in divorce

Most couples who marry in California or anywhere else in the nation typically do so with the intention of remaining committed to their relationships for a lifetime. Statistics show this is not always possible. Divorce rates are increasingly high in the United States, and many believe one of the main differences between those who decide to stay married and those who part ways with their spouses is attitude.

Estate planning a good idea for the new year

In California and throughout the United States, many people are busy reviewing their resolutions for the new year. From more exercise to financial goals, people of all ages set their sights on improving various aspects of their lives. Many advisers say making estate planning part of those goals is a good idea.

Parents ordered to enter mediation to resolve differences

Many California couples who divorce can relate to various challenges that often arise regarding future care and upbringing of children. From who will have physical and legal custody to how much child support will be paid, parents often rely on the court to make final decisions when they are unable to achieve amicable agreements. A former couple in another state was order to engage in mediation if they were unable to agree on parenting matters.

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