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Maximize property division options to protect assets in divorce

Some California spouses have the unfortunate experience of facing divorce just a few years into their marriages. Many spouses say they didn't see it coming and, in fact, thought things were going along fairly well in their relationships. A man in another state says he can relate to this, as he found out his wife filed for divorce just after he finished paying off her college loans. The situation raised his concerns regarding other possible property division obstacles he could wind up facing in court.

Understand new tax implications regarding divorce

Residents in California and all across the nation were given a couple of extra days this year before their federal tax returns for 2017 were due. While some taxpayers file their returns as soon as they receive all the required documentation, others choose to file as late as they can. Although the deadline for filing this year is now past, many individuals are already looking ahead to see how changes in tax laws may affect them. In particular, couples going through a divorce will experience some changes in their tax filings.

Stepparent adoption is easier with skilled legal counsel

Reportedly, about 50 percent of all adoptions nationwide, including in California, involve stepchildren. Stepparent adoption can serve different purposes. It could follow the death of the biological parent, or a person marrying someone who has children from a previous relationship or marriage. In many cases, the children have endured traumatic times, and the adoption may bring stability and permanence into his or her life.

Will a couples counselor suggest a client move toward divorce?

For many California couples, the thought of ending their marriage is difficult to adjust to. Some will go to great lengths to try and save the marriage, including turning to a marriage counselor to try and work through issues in the relationship. Some spouses wonder if a couple's counselor will ever suggest that the clients consider a divorce. While this is not usually the case, there are certainly instances where a therapist can and will suggest divorce. 

Is your spouse trying to stash cash in divorce?

When you stumbled across the text message between your spouse and a mutual friend of yours, you didn't think much of it at first. It seemed to suggest a planned meeting to transfer some money. You asked your spouse about it later and were a bit taken aback at the defensive reaction that ensued. As you thought it over again later, you realized it was not the first strange issue that's popped up since you filed for divorce.

Property division decisions can have impact on future home buying

Buying a house can be a complex process for residents in California and everywhere else around the country. However, the process may become even more complicated if a couple has gotten a divorce. Since divorce has a major impact on a couple's financial situation, the divorce likewise becomes a factor in the home-buying process. Experts recommend having detailed discussions regarding the home and any other significant assets during the property division process.

Protect retirement funds in a gray divorce

For some California couples, entering into the golden years of retirement together sounds like a dream come true. However, in some cases, other couples may think spending all their time together now that they are no longer working seems more like a nightmare. Now more than ever before, older couples are deciding to call it quits and see a divorce.

Property division in divorce: Who gets the pets?

California couples and others around the nation who are going through a divorce have many matters to consider. If there are children involved, custody, visitation and support are obviously major issues to address. Of course, for any couple, property division is of utmost concern. While most attention may be focused on the family home, bank accounts or retirement funds, many couples are now trying to decide which person will get to keep the pets.

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