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Raising your special needs child after your divorce

Going through a divorce is typically a stressful experience. If you have children, your stress level may be even higher. If your child has special needs, you may be wondering how you will get through the ordeal, never mind raising your child alone. You will need all the help you can get.

Those in California with special needs may now acquire trusts

President Barack Obama is currently undertaking his final duties as his second term as President of the United States comes to an end. He recently signed a bill that may affect many people with special needs in California and throughout the nation. The bill actually addressed several issues, one of which pertains to special needs trusts

Family law resources for California parents who divorce

Forging an amicable parenting alliance after divorce is often quite challenging. Many in California choose to co-parent, yet they find it difficult to create an agreeable plan. Relationship issues and communication breakdowns may make for a stressful experience, prompting a concerned parent to seek family law assistance if a particular problem is not able to be resolved.

Why single people need estate planning

Generally speaking, single people in California and elsewhere spend a lot of time thinking of their life goals and making plans for successful futures. However, far fewer consider estate planning of paramount importance, especially when they have no dependents. Some may change their minds after considering the following ideas.

Avoiding poor eating habits during a divorce

There is no shortage of books, programs or advice columns regarding how to survive a marital split. People who go through divorce are often faced with various challenges that may include financial instability, difficulty finding new jobs or child custody-related issues. Many California readers may be surprised to learn, however, that another common issue many people going through divorce often encounter is poor eating habits.

Where to find answers to basic estate planning questions

Many California residents die without leaving any sort of written instructions as to whom they wish to inherit their assets. One school of thought is that many people avoid estate planning discussions because they don't like to think of their own mortality. However, not having a plan in place often leads to stressful situations among surviving family members further down the line.

Estate planning ideas for second marriages and step-children

Modern family life is often a complicated affair, especially for blended families. California couples entering marriage who already have children from previous relationships often face numerous challenges regarding various aspects of their new lifestyles. In addition to decisions regarding name changes and whether a step-parent will adopt a new spouse's children, estate planning issues may also arise concerning beneficiaries and other related matters.

Seeking a parenting plan suited to your unique needs

Divorce can sometimes be difficult for every member of a family, and it can often have a particularly profound impact on the children. For this reason, it is important to resolve child custody disputes in a timely manner and seek a final arrangement that is workable and practical.

Jesse Jackson Jr. seeking child custody in divorce

Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (son of civil rights activist, politician and minister, Rev. Jesse Jackson) was married to his wife, Sandi, for 25 years. The 51-year-old filed for divorce, however, on a recent Monday in a court outside California. This is not the first occasion in recent times that this particular couple has been in the news.

Avoiding probate through careful estate planning

Many people in California and elsewhere consider discussions of their own deaths to be extremely uncomfortable. However, many understand that death is merely an inevitable part of life and it is never too soon to talk about thorough estate planning. Generally speaking, there are many benefits to a well-designed estate plan with regard to providing for loved ones and helping them avoid probate when it comes time to administer an estate.

DeAndre Jordan rejoices in family law victory

NBA superstar Deandre Jordan has been engaged in an ongoing child custody battle with the mother of his 1-year-old son. A recent development in the case has caught the attention of basketball fans across the nation. Jordan reportedly obtained a small family law victory in a California court regarding visits with his child.

Estate planning basics for those who are wondering

Not everyone in California considers themselves experts on financial matters. With regard to estate planning, many people don't even really know what it is. Some have a vague idea but could not begin to discuss the details involved. Others understand it, but avoid discussions that touch upon the subject of mortality.

Dating during divorce can be detrimental

California introduced the notion of no-fault divorces as far back as 1970. This law means that accusations - such as infidelity - should have no legal implications. However, if you want to start dating another person before your divorce is finalized, there may still be legal consequences. Although a judge will not consider your infidelity when granting the divorce, the financial impact infidelity has on your spouse and any impact on the children may have some effect on the court's decisions. Even if your divorce was amicable up to now, if your soon-to-be ex-spouse realizes that you have already got your eye on a replacement, his or her attitude may change.

How to avoid financial burdens of divorce during the holidays

Many parents in California lament December as a month that drains their pocketbooks. For those who have recently gone through divorce, financial strains may be especially challenging. Those in such circumstances may want to consider the following ideas when making plans for a more financially stable future.

Whether to make estate planning part of your holidays

Many California residents are very creative in their holiday gift-giving customs. Some may even consider estate planning as part of this year's traditions. What better time to secure one's assets and let loved ones know you have their future financial security in mind that during a holiday season?

Avoiding pitfalls when helping children adjust to divorce

The holiday season has arrived, and many families in California will be gathering together to celebrate. For parents going through divorce proceedings, there may be quite a few challenges ahead as they do their best to help their children adjust to new lifestyles. There are several things that can be done to avoid major pitfalls and protect children's best interests.

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