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Stepparent adoption: Girl "proposes" to her stepdad

Families in California come in all varieties, united by love and caring. Though some family members aren't always legally bound to one another, there are definite advantages to undergoing that process. One such situation is when a stepparent makes the choice to legally adopt his or her stepchildren. One happy story of stepparent adoption happened recently out of state when a little girl "proposed" to her stepfather.

Tips for how to handle finances before and during a divorce

Earlier this month, this blog discussed the impending divorce of Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and founder. He and his wife apparently had no prenuptial agreement, and their divorce is subject to the community property laws in their home state. California is also a community property state when it comes to divorce proceedings. While Bezos is said to be among the world's wealthiest, there are several lessons regarding these family law concerns that individuals with more modest income can still learn.

Divorcing a spouse with an addiction

You have undoubtedly faced your share of difficulties in your marriage. Perhaps you have dealt with financial struggles, disagreements and your spouse's priorities that always seemed at odds with yours. However, if the root of these difficulties is your spouse's substance abuse, you likely understand you may not be able to win this battle.

Divorcing billionaire Jeff Bezos had no prenuptial agreement

When California couples decide to marry, they typically go into their marriage with optimism. However, failure to plan for a future in which the marriage may not work out can be very costly for those who have high assets. Prenuptial agreements may seem cynical, but they may be necessary to protect an individual's assets. Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, may be facing this exact quandary after he and his wife announced their divorce, and apparently they have no prenuptial agreement in place.

Answers about child support

When a relationship ends, through divorce or otherwise, there may be several issues that each person has to contend with. If children are part of the relationship, arrangements for child custody or child support may need to be made. Most parents here in California want to be sure that their children are cared for, and that often translates to child support payments made from the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. However, child support can often leave parents with more questions than answers.

Don't leave complex property division up to chance

Dividing assets during divorce can be stressful for the average California couple. Throw in complicated property, however, and the process can feel completely overwhelming. If you know that you will need to deal with complex property division, getting help now rather than later can usually lead to better results. 

Child custody decisions that protect the kids' best interests

Making decisions on how to share parenting time and visitation schedules can be one of the most complex and difficult issues a parent can face during a divorce. It is easy to allow temporary emotions to drive decision making, but feelings do not always lead to choices that actually benefit the children. It is often best for children when a child custody arrangement allows for them to have a strong relationship with both parents.

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