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A business could be subject to property division in a divorce

Marriage is not always forever, though most people in California enter into it believing that it is. The optimism isn't a bad thing, but it can cause people to overlook certain things that could affect them during a divorce. One of those factors could be a business, which people often fail to realize could be considered property and subject to division as part of a divorce agreement. Experts do have advice for those who have questions about how a business should be handled during property division in a divorce.

Your business and your divorce: what is going to happen?

Divorce is a difficult process, and couples are often unable to agree on how to handle marital property. This is particularly true for couples where one or both parties own a small business. If you own and operate a California company, one of your primary goals is to keep your business intact and ensure its continued operations.

Actor Tom Arnold and wife set to divorce

The ending of a marriage is often an unhappy event for everyone involved. However, there are times when two people feel compelled to move on without any angry feelings towards one another. Those in California may be interested in what actor Tom Arnold had to say regarding to his and his wife's recent decision to divorce. He claims that the two have simply grown apart.

Differences between divorce mediation and collaborative divorce

Many marriages end in divorce -- it is a fact of life. Though sometimes a divorce can be filled with a great deal of contention, there are those people who agree that a divorce is the best path forward and want the process to be as simple as possible. For those in California who find themselves in this category, there are other options besides fighting in court. One is divorce mediation and another is a collaborative divorce. They have similar aims, though there are differences between the two.

Mistakes that can cost money in a divorce

When people choose to end their marriages, it is probably not a decision they come to lightly. Most people give it serious thought after considering how it will affect them from an emotional standpoint. However, some neglect to consider the potential financial consequences of divorce. Anyone here in California considering a divorce may wish to heed the advise of one professional who says that there are five mistakes that people frequently make in divorce proceedings that can have a significant financial impact.

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