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Where to turn for support when family law issues arise

The average California family in 2017 is obviously quite different in many ways from those who lived in the late 1800s. Much has changed in America since then. Families face different types of challenges and have many more accessible resources on which to rely when problems arise. The development of family law practices has been a tremendous asset to many people throughout the nation.

Is paying for a funeral ahead of time a good idea?

There are different types of people in California, from those who like to live by "the seats of their pants," so to speak, to those who prefer structure, routine and planning in their daily lives. Some people are list-makers, experiencing tremendous satisfaction as they check off each completed task or item in their planners. Others say spontaneity is the spice of life; lists make them nervous. When it comes to estate planning, many people fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

What do Hollywood celebrities have to do with your divorce?

Some people claim their former spouses spent too much time watching Hollywood stars on TV and not enough time paying attention to their own families. However, when it comes to divorce, California spouses may learn a thing or two about successfully navigating the family justice system by following the divorce and child custody situations of the rich and famous. As one of many on the West Coast who live a rather simple lifestyle, you may wonder what the family problems of celebrities have to do with your own situation.

Will family law regulations affect your summer vacation?

It may not have been all smooth sailing, but you and your children survived divorce. In fact, you're well on your way to a new, happy lifestyle, and you are planning several occasions to build family memories and create fresh traditions. One of the things you and your children may be looking forward to most is a summer vacation. The kids will enjoy an academic break, and together, you'll get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Noticing negative behavior in your child since your divorce?

Most California parents would agree that life is full of changes, and some are far more difficult navigate than others. One change many families face nowadays involves divorce. The new lifestyle that typically follows divorce is often challenging for children in particular. In fact, many psychologists, ministers, teachers, doctors and other child-related professionals say divorce tends to impact children's lives far more than parents realize.

What your child's birthday has to do with your divorce settlement

Once you made the decision to file for divorce in California, you probably spent the next days and weeks considering how your decision may emotionally impact your children. Many parents who divorce face serious challenges regarding child custody issues, visitation and other parenting-related matters. While developing your new parenting plan, you may not realize that even your child's birthday can affect the court's decisions in your divorce.

Even for celebrities, everyday life changes during divorce

Are you one of millions who entertained childhood dreams to come to California to work in Hollywood? Perhaps you're on your way to realizing those dreams. If so, you're probably already aware that life changes in many ways when you're a celebrity. The most obvious issues include a sudden lack of personal privacy, but most stars overlook that because such gigs often come with great perks (like million-dollar-plus incomes) as well.

New movie tackles serious family law situation

Not all child custody situations take place between former spouses. Sometimes, people raise children who are not their biological parents, and many families live in single-parent households as well. In California and elsewhere, family law problems regarding such circumstances are often very complex and difficult to resolve.

Careful estate planning often addresses health and finances

Whether you're in splendid physical condition and good health, or have been battling a chronic illness for several years now, you likely understand why many California residents want to have a say regarding their own future health-related decisions. For instance, if someone is seriously injured in a car accident, and is unable to speak or communicate, an existing advanced health directive can allow a designated individual to step in and make health care decisions. This means if the situation deteriorates and a life and death decision must made, the person designated in the health care directive may act on behalf of the patient. It is an important part of the estate planning process.

What millenials need to know about estate planning

California is full of millennials. Many have lofty dreams for their futures that include entrepreneurial ideas, post secondary education, traveling the world and more. Some will marry, have children and live simple lives in the country somewhere. How many, though, will take time for estate planning

What does divorce look like from a child's perspective?

Most California residents expect their marriages to last the rest of their lifetimes when they become official spouses. However, reality often includes marital problems, and some couples eventually determine the best solution is to sever their marital ties. For those with children, it often creates many challenges regarding family life and future parenting plans. Another significant issue lies in how children may react to their parents' divorce. While some appear unscathed by such developments, others need counseling and outside support to help them make a smooth transition.

Who makes divorce decisions regarding child custody?

Many parents in California understand what it's like to face difficult challenges regarding where their children will live and who will provide financial support for their basic needs when they (the parents) are no longer married. Divorce typically involves many thorny issues that require cooperation and amicable negotiation to settle. If communication between the parties is contentious, this may be much easier said than done.

Going from stepparent to parent: Adopting your new spouse's child

In recent years, the number of blended families has increased, and so has the role of stepparents. In many cases, stepparents step up and provide the love, care and guidance that a biological parent can't or won't provide to a child. Unfortunately, your legal status might not allow you to take care of your new spouse's child in ways that "real parents" can.

How trusts can be used to protect business assets in divorce

Most California couples enter their marriages believing their unions will last their lifetimes. This is obviously not the case for many spouses in this state and throughout the nation nowadays. Some people face particular challenges when they divorce, especially business owners. There are several means for protecting business assets in divorce, one of which involves trusts.

Wills are an important part of California estate planning process

Who can execute a will? Who should execute a will? How does one execute a will in California? These are all pertinent questions having to do with a crucial component of most peoples' estate planning processes. Those wanting to protect their assets can do through carefully written wills.

Common child support questions answered

Whether you are in the midst of ending your marriage or merely considering it, whether you would be on the giving or receiving end of payments, one aspect of divorce that is frequently daunting and confusing for everyone is child support. With so many variables, it's difficult to know what to expect.

Will a prenuptial agreement prevent family law problems?

If you are thinking of getting married, there are likely any number of issues you and your beloved are trying to resolve ahead of time. For instance, will you both work outside the home? Will you live in California or someplace else? And, another question many couples today ask is: Will you sign a prenuptial agreement at a family law office? 

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