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Is stepparent adoption really necessary?

Anyone in California who plays a parental role in the life of a child -- to whom he or she has no biological relationship -- might wonder whether it is really necessary to go through the legalities of adoption. However, stepparent adoption could benefit both the child and the parent in various ways. Also, the legal process is significantly less complicated than other types of adoption.

Address income, expenses, assets, debts in property division

When a California couple contemplates getting a divorce, there are typically countless issues to resolve. Certainly, finances are at the forefront of many discussions. When the couple was together, their income and assets -- as well as their expenses and debts -- were co-mingled. The question of property division is paramount in determining what the financial situations of both parties will look like in the future.

How will your divorce affect your plans for your golden years?

Divorce is a complex financial and legal process, and it requires the division of all marital assets. This includes property saved and set aside for retirement. Whether you have years to go before retirement or you are looking forward to that step in the near future, it is beneficial to understand how the process could affect your future interests. 

Child custody: Tips to help children during a divorce

When a California couple decides to get a divorce, the parties involved understandably have a number of issues to resolve. Questions surrounding division of assets or "who gets what?" are typically at the forefront of discussions. However, when the couple has children, matters of child custody become paramount in the deliberations. Parents want to ensure that their children have the support they need as divorce proceedings are underway. Family experts offer some suggestions to help children effectively cope with the changes affecting them.

Guard against disruption to retirement plans during a divorce

Any time a marriage ends in California or anywhere around the nation, there are always countless issues to resolve. No matter how old a couple is, the decisions made during a divorce have major implications on the lives of those involved. However, older couples may realize that getting divorced may throw a wrench in their retirement planning.

Prenups more popular among millennials, divorce experts say

When couples in California or elsewhere around the country decide to end their marriages, the issue of property division can often become contentious. As emotions likely run high during the divorce process, the parties involved are concerned about protecting their individual interests. However, if a couple has developed a prenuptial agreement or other marital agreement, the decisions about "who gets what" are more straightforward. Experts are reporting that these types of agreements seem to be more commonplace with a particular generation.

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