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Photo of Professionals at McCoy Fatula, APC

Addressing family law issues in California

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Family Law

Many people in California often have need of experienced guidance when it comes to various types of family-related situations. Whether planning to adopt a child, craft a prenuptial agreement or execute a thorough estate plan, obtaining positive results is often made easier by acting alongside a skilled representative. When considering any sort of legal action, it is advisable to seek clarification of the laws that govern a particular matter and discuss the details of an individual family law situation in order to determine how best to proceed to bring immediate and long-term plans to fruition.

McCoy Fatula often helps people prioritize their needs and goals. If our experienced team of attorneys can do that without entering a courtroom, then we are committed to doing so. However, when the need arises, we are fully prepared to act on behalf of a client to aggressively litigate an issue.

Some topics, such as child custody, visitation or child support, often evoke strong emotions on both sides. McCoy Fatula is dedicated to helping you protect your rights and keep the best interests of your family at heart while working to obtain a successful outcome. If it is estate planning assistance you seek, we are equipped to guide you through the entire process.

Every situation is different, and our office is available to assist California residents in all areas of family law. Although some situations may seem daunting, it is often possible to achieve an agreeable solution through sound counsel and effective guidance. Regardless whether your needs are basic and simple, or you are dealing with a complex matter that you have been unable to resolve, by requesting a consultation, you can take the first steps toward a successful future.

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