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Bifurcated divorce: What is it and who can get it?

Celebrity divorces are fascinating. When California residents see celebrities trying different divorce strategies, they wonder if those options are available to them or only to the rich and famous. The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt marital dissolution case is in the news often and has been for the last few years. The former couple filed for a bifurcated divorce. What is that?

Website would publicly ridicule those with unpaid child support

When two parents are raising children, but not in a relationship with one another, it can be complicated. One parent is often required to pay child support to the other to ensure the children have their needs met. Some parents have difficulty making the payments due to financial circumstances or other obstacles, but occasionally, there are parents who shirk their responsibility for indiscernible reasons. One California state lawmaker has introduced a bill that he hopes will entice parents to make their required payments by using the internet to expose them.

Causes and potential effects of a grey divorce

Though recent statistics suggest that overall divorce rates are falling, that doesn't seem to be the case for people aged 50 and older. This is an experience often called "grey divorce" by researchers and the media. Residents here in California who haven't encountered this term may wonder about the reasons for grey divorce and what the possible consequences could be, and experts have several answers. There are innumerable reasons for anyone to get a divorce, but there are several circumstances that can lead to a grey divorce.

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