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Website would publicly ridicule those with unpaid child support

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2019 | Child Custody

When two parents are raising children, but not in a relationship with one another, it can be complicated. One parent is often required to pay child support to the other to ensure the children have their needs met. Some parents have difficulty making the payments due to financial circumstances or other obstacles, but occasionally, there are parents who shirk their responsibility for indiscernible reasons. One California state lawmaker has introduced a bill that he hopes will entice parents to make their required payments by using the internet to expose them.

Assemblyman Tom Lackey authored a bill that targets parents who owe more than $5,000 in overdue child support. If implemented, the parents would have their photos published on a public website. He says that other states have used this idea and had positive results.

His hope is not to shame parents so much as create peer pressure. He reminds opponents that the true victim in this situation are the children who are not receiving the care that they need. Lackey also says that businesses will not be permitted to use the website in order to refuse services or in a way that would negatively affect a parent’s ability to work, obtain housing or acquire credit.

Unpaid child support can have a ripple effect across a family. It can create financial strain and stress for the other parent, not to mention affect a child’s health and overall well-being. Any parents here in California who have difficulty making their child support payments or who are owed payments that are not being made may wish to contact an attorney. A legal professional can represent a parent to ensure that every one’s best interests, especially those of children, are prioritized.

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