Roseville Child Support Orders

Child support is one of the largest concerns in divorce with minor children. Whether you are seeking primary physical custody and must rely on child support payments to care for children, or you are expecting to pay out monthly child support, the resolution will have a large financial impact on you for years to come.

At McCoy Fatula, APC, our attorneys will help you establish, modify and enforce child support orders. We leverage our extensive experience and litigation skills in obtaining an appropriate child support order and enforcing that amount when needed.

Is A Deviation Or Add-On From Child Support Guidelines Appropriate?

In California, child support is determined by a formula. The guideline formula considers the income of both parents, the number of children involved and time children spend living with each parent, among other things. The guidelines are presumed to be the correct amount, so the court will order the amount mandated by the child support formula unless there is a reason not to do so.

In some cases, however, a deviation from these guidelines is appropriate. The court will deviate from the guidelines if a child has special needs that require more support than is typical, for example. In addition, the court can order add-on support, which could include educational expenses, day care expenses and other costs.

Ensuring that child support is appropriate, particularly when there are special considerations involved, is vitally important. McCoy Fatula, APC, can help you make a persuasive case for deviations and add-on child support when appropriate.

Child Support Modification in Roseville

A support modification may be in order if your child’s needs have changed, or if one parent has started or lost a job, begun a new relationship or experienced a loss of earning potential in another way.

Our team can help you seek or prevent modification of child custody and support. We strive to make sure that custody and support arrangements are a reflection of the actual circumstances and means of the parties.

​With our extensive business backgrounds, we are practiced in analyzing financial information. We apply our financial knowledge to your unique situation and advocate for you, so you can continue living comfortably and maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to and deserve.

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