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Causes and potential effects of a grey divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Divorce

Though recent statistics suggest that overall divorce rates are falling, that doesn’t seem to be the case for people aged 50 and older. This is an experience often called “grey divorce” by researchers and the media. Residents here in California who haven’t encountered this term may wonder about the reasons for grey divorce and what the possible consequences could be, and experts have several answers. There are innumerable reasons for anyone to get a divorce, but there are several circumstances that can lead to a grey divorce.

Money matters are a common problem, whether that means one spouse has difficulty handling finances or if only one partner is earning income. Many couples report that they simply grow apart after years together, particularly once their shared children are no longer living at home. Infidelity is also a frequent catalyst in many divorces. The longer life expectancy and improved health that many people have these days can also cause some to question whether they would be happier for the remainder of their life without their spouse. Some people say that an addiction to drugs or alcohol and its consequences are to blame for their divorce, for obvious reasons.

A grey divorce can be difficult on adult children, even if they have moved out of their parents’ home. The changes that divorce brings for each parent can be difficult to manage for a child, even when he or she is grown up. Also, most people have accumulated a portion of assets and property if they have been married for a long period of time. Dividing those assets can be difficult.

Those who are considering a divorce later in life may feel unsure of what to do and how to handle the process. Consulting an experienced attorney who has managed different types of divorces may be the best path forward for people here in California in this situation. It can be the first step to a new life.

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