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Child custody decisions that protect the kids’ best interests

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Child Custody

Making decisions on how to share parenting time and visitation schedules can be one of the most complex and difficult issues a parent can face during a divorce. It is easy to allow temporary emotions to drive decision making, but feelings do not always lead to choices that actually benefit the children. It is often best for children when a child custody arrangement allows for them to have a strong relationship with both parents.

Even very young children benefit from having time with both parents. Courts often favor the mother, and people often assume that it is best for kids when the mother has sole custody. Yet, research indicates otherwise. California fathers should have equal access to their children whenever possible as this can provide emotional stability and mental security for the younger members of the family. 

Shared parenting plans or joint custody agreements may be best for kids, even if there is still a significant amount of conflict between the parents. It is possible for two parents to set aside temporary emotions and make their custody plan work well for the sake of the kids. The ultimate goal for any type of custody plan is to provide as much continuity of lifestyle for the kids with as little upheaval as possible.

When a parent is considering custody options after filing for a divorce in California, he or she may find it beneficial to learn more about his or her parental rights. It is possible to reach a custody arrangement that works well for both kids and parents. Discussing the case with a family law attorney can be a smart step before making any important decisions.

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