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Stepparent adoption: Girl “proposes” to her stepdad

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Stepparent Adoption

Families in California come in all varieties, united by love and caring. Though some family members aren’t always legally bound to one another, there are definite advantages to undergoing that process. One such situation is when a stepparent makes the choice to legally adopt his or her stepchildren. One happy story of stepparent adoption happened recently out of state when a little girl “proposed” to her stepfather.

The now 8-year-old girl’s mother got married in 2012. The stepfather has been part of the girl’s life ever since then, having cared for her since she was a baby. The girl recently decided she wanted her stepdad to adopt her and implored her mother to help pull off an adorable “proposal.” They took him to a baseball field, since the girl and her stepdad share a love for the sport, and when he stood on the pitcher’s mound, the girl held up a sign saying “Papi, you are my forever home. Will you adopt me?”

The man was understandably emotional and says that he was touched that she made this choice of her own volition. He quickly said yes and legally adopted her a few months later. He says his hope is that his new daughter will learn from him what a good father is, and in turn, the type of good treatment she should expect from a husband. The girl’s mother was proud of her daughter’s choice.

Touching stories like this one can be a reality for families right here in California. Those with questions about the process may wish to speak to an experienced adoption attorney who can guide them through. Stepparent adoption is a beautiful gift that families can share together as they embark on a new life.

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