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Prenups more popular among millennials, divorce experts say

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Divorce

When couples in California or elsewhere around the country decide to end their marriages, the issue of property division can often become contentious. As emotions likely run high during the divorce process, the parties involved are concerned about protecting their individual interests. However, if a couple has developed a prenuptial agreement or other marital agreement, the decisions about “who gets what” are more straightforward. Experts are reporting that these types of agreements seem to be more commonplace with a particular generation.

In the past, prenups often had a negative connotation. Many couples viewed having one as a sign that there was a strong possibility a marriage would not last. Today, however, the millennial generation in particular looks at these types of agreements more positively.

Couples in this demographic have likely witnessed their parents or others close to them go through a divorce. They have seen how traumatic the discussions about dividing property and assets have been. Millennials tend to think of prenups as a useful tool to avoid some of those problems should they face a divorce one day.

Prenuptial agreements most often address how to deal with the family home and how to divide financial accounts. They also may address student loans or other debts the couple has incurred. Issues such as child or spousal support may be included as well. It is beneficial to discuss these issues well before the wedding takes place, according to family law experts.

A California divorce attorney can help develop a prenuptial agreement that will address a client’s needs both currently and in the future. If a couple is already married, an experienced lawyer can assist them with a postnuptial agreement. It is important to have a knowledgeable advocate to guide someone through every step of the divorce proceedings.

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