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Is stepparent adoption really necessary?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Stepparent Adoption

Anyone in California who plays a parental role in the life of a child — to whom he or she has no biological relationship — might wonder whether it is really necessary to go through the legalities of adoption. However, stepparent adoption could benefit both the child and the parent in various ways. Also, the legal process is significantly less complicated than other types of adoption.

Adopting a spouse’s child will provide the non-biological parent with legal security — and also legal custody while he or she will be recognized as the child’s parent in the eyes of the law. Such an adoption might ensure a feeling of stability and permanence as a family unit, and could be particularly beneficial for the child. As a legal parent, the stepparent will be entitled to arrange doctor appointments and have access to the child’s medical records, collect the child from school and have access to school records.

There are also financial benefits to stepparent adoptions. A child who is adopted by a stepparent will be entitled to receive an inheritance. Furthermore, he or she can also be a recipient of insurance benefits. Another benefit might be the fact that the stepparent adoption process will likely be less complicated and time-consuming than traditional adoption.

A parent who considers adopting a spouse’s biological child might have many questions about the legal process of stepparent adoption. Having the support and guidance of an experienced California family law attorney throughout the process can be a valuable asset. A lawyer can explain the requirements to be met and the steps to take to obtain legal finalization of the adoption.

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