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Tarek and El Moussa still working together after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Divorce

Some people in California will determine their marriages are no longer viable this year. Impending divorce may be somewhat uneventful, swift and simple, or wrought with obstacles, complications and challenges. Many find ways to set their differences aside in order to focus on a common goal, whether that involves children, finances or long-standing business relationships.

Spouses who divorce may continue to see each other on a regular basis at work. Perhaps they are joint owners of the same company, or, as in the case of television stars, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, they each fulfill key roles in the production and profitability of a joint venture. As many “Flip or Flop” fans know, co-hosts Tarek and El Moussa were once married but are no longer so.

The two decided to continue working together on the show after their divorce. Their relationship began a slow and somewhat imperceptible downward spiral (according to the former couple themselves) after Tarek was diagnosed with and battled two types of cancer. Tarek has since mentioned he and his former wife try to be as professional as possible on the set of their show, but he admits that working together post-divorce is not always easy.

Although every California couple that chooses to divorce is not comprised of television superstars, many are familiar with problems that can arise regarding business relationships or division of business assets, etc. An experienced family law attorney can protect a concerned spouse’s interests and negotiate a fair and agreeable settlement. Whether a former couple remains in business together, or chooses to sever those ties along with their marriage, it is a personal decision that can often be made amicably with the assistance of a skilled attorney.

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