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Avoiding poor eating habits during a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2016 | Divorce

There is no shortage of books, programs or advice columns regarding how to survive a marital split. People who go through divorce are often faced with various challenges that may include financial instability, difficulty finding new jobs or child custody-related issues. Many California readers may be surprised to learn, however, that another common issue many people going through divorce often encounter is poor eating habits.

Coming to terms with the fact that a major life-changing event is at hand and taking the first steps toward finalizing the decision to end a marriage in court can be extremely stressful. Even when a decision to divorce is mutual, former spouses may find themselves dealing with feelings of sadness, loneliness and depression. One woman said she actually became anorexic when she and her husband divorced, even though they both agreed it was the best choice under the circumstances.

The woman said she would often simply forget to eat because she was so focused on other things at the time. She also said that because she felt unlovable as her marriage declined, she feared gaining weight, thinking it would make her unattractive. In hindsight, she realized how unhealthy she had become and has since cautioned others to make sure they keep up good eating habits even if their divorces are stressful.

In addition to eating well, seeking support to help one through the rough spots of divorce is often beneficial. A California family law attorney can provide counsel and guidance throughout the entire process.  An experienced attorney is an especially good advocate to have on one’s side when trying to resolve financial disputes or contentious issues pertaining to children.

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