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Super athlete, Kobe Bryant, funding business formations

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Business Formations

The ability to recognize potential success in entrepreneurial ventures is a personal passion of superstar basketball pro, Kobe Bryant. He and several others have apparently set up investment funds meant to help prospective entrepreneurs in their business formations. Bryant says he has a real flair for spotting business talent and wants to help those he recognizes make their dreams come true. California entrepreneurs may be interested in his latest endeavors.

Bryant often connects with fans and “everyday” people online. He recently stated that success in business is tied to personal belief that one can persevere through any trial or obstacle faced along the way. According to Bryant, believing in one’s own ability to do what one feels called to do is a key factor in creating successful new businesses.

The basketball icon has joined forces with a private investor to set up a $100 million investment fund. Their joint efforts are reportedly focused on providing resources to new tech companies. They have successfully assisted approximately 15 companies over the past several years.

Aside from an obvious need for funds during the business formations stages of new California companies, entrepreneurs often have need of guidance concerning various related issues. Many questions can be answered through consultation with an experienced business attorney. In addition to clarification of state and federal laws that may pertain to one’s business plans, an attorney can represent a new business owner during any litigation that may occur when problems arise during the development of a new company.

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