Roseville Business Formation Attorney

Imagine your business is facing a major lawsuit or is going out of business. Imagine you are facing a hostile takeover or your partners want to force you out. Not the most pleasant things to think about when you are just forming your business and are exuberant about the future, but these are just a few of the reasons you need a sophisticated business lawyer advising you now.

Depending on the legal business entity you form, you can have more or less control and more or less protection under all types of potentially litigious situations. Different types of entities face different tax requirements and benefit from different financing structures. It is critical that your attorney is knowledgeable in all areas of business law to be able to guide you to the right decision for your unique venture and goals.

At McCoy Fatula, APC, we begin this process from a perspective that considers possible litigation and liabilities. These are significant factors in your formation decisions. Business formation disputes may even arise during the process. Disputes regarding incorporation, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and corporate structure need swift resolution. Otherwise, you may experience significant delays in the process.

Proper Business Planning Helps You Avoid Disputes

Our goal will be to help you and any partners make prudent decisions for the long-term success of your business. Resolving differences now through experienced legal counsel will pave the way, providing your business with the appropriate legal structure for your working style, objectives and industry.

Whether your enterprise is a startup business, franchise, acquisition or spin-off, you need to know where problems could arise and prepare your business plan accordingly, beginning with the appropriate management structure.

We will help you consider:

  • The costs of establishing and maintaining your entity
  • Your personal liabilities and potential risks along with those of the entity
  • Fiduciary duties and management requirements
  • Dispute resolution clauses and internal structures
  • Your financing options depending on your choice of structure
  • State and federal tax implications

Our team will help you to create a firewall between your contracts and outside dispute resolution attorneys. In all aspects of formation, we help you plan for long-term preservation and success. We are prepared to represent your best interests when you need us.

Let’s Talk About Your Plan

We serve many clients in the Sacramento area, but we also help businesses from coast to coast. Please call us at 916-945-2780 or 800-728-2184 to speak with a partner attorney in Roseville, California, or email our team to schedule a meeting.