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Photo of Professionals at McCoy Fatula, APC

Maintaining control during business formations

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Business Formations

Launching a new business in California can be an exciting, adventurous, albeit challenging time in an entrepreneur’s life. Many situations can arise during business formations that delay start-ups or cause obstacles that must be overcome before success can be achieved. Many business owners want to make sure that they retain legal control when making decisions or entering litigation under such circumstances.

Protecting one’s interests and limiting liabilities are often main goals of new business owners. At McCoy Fatula, we are prepared to help you do both. By addressing your immediate and long-term goals, we can help you plan for long-lasting success.

So much goes into planning, starting and running a business. Options vary with regard to financing, structure and company management plans. In addition, state and federal tax laws often have significant impact on the decisions business owners make. Our experienced team is familiar with current laws and business statutes that may affect your choices moving forward.

McCoy Fatula has successfully helped many clients, coast to coast, in all aspects of business formations. Whether this is your first time as a new business owner, or you are facing complications in a company that has been around for years, one of our main goals is to help you make prudent decisions that will protect your bottom line and secure longevity. Because disputes and unresolved issues can impede productivity and profitability, it is often best to address business matters as soon as they surface. Anyone with questions regarding such issues can seek answers by calling our California office to arrange an appointment.

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