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Why avoiding probate is such a tremendous step

On Behalf of | May 2, 2016 | Estate Planning

Imagine that you have a number of very important objects and you want to see them handled in a certain way. In your head, you know exactly how this process will play out, but since no on else knows this plan, it would be difficult for anyone to correctly guess what you would have wanted for those important objects if you weren’t around to tell them. In fact, you would probably be upset if someone else made the decision for you, wouldn’t you?

Now, if the topic we were discussing was your estate; and the “important objects” were your assets, property and other valuables that you wanted to pass on to your loved ones and family, but you didn’t have a will; then the “guessing” process that someone else would perform on your behalf would be a judge going through the probate process.

This is why you will see so many articles and tips that relate to “avoiding probate” if you look up the probate process online. Someone else that you, nor your family, knows will be making vital decisions about your assets and wealth. Having a will is great first step towards avoiding some of the perils of probate, but it is only a first step.

There are many ways to protect yourself, your family and your estate from the probate process, and it all starts by having an attorney to advise you about some of the intricacies of estate planning. At McCoy Fatula, we have helped many clients avoid the probate process and secured their estate for their heirs.

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