How To Avoid Probate

Probate is a court-supervised process of administering a person’s estate after he or she passes away. In essence, a judge decides how your assets are controlled and distributed when you die. You probably don’t want that.

Avoid Probate With Thorough, Strategic Estate Planning

People fear probate for different reasons, many of which are justified. Believing the probate process to be slow, cumbersome and expensive, these individuals and families seek ways to avoid probate entirely by using trusts and other instruments that remove assets from their personal estates and put them elsewhere. But this needs to be done in a thorough, strategic manner — before death or permanent incapacitation occurs and it is too late to plan.

Our firm can help you plan your estate correctly. We can advise you on numerous methods to avoid probate and protect your assets from loss during probate.

At McCoy Fatula, APC, in Roseville, California, we help our clients plan for the future, prepare for the unexpected and stay out of the probate court. Our estate planning team has helped countless clients avoid probate entirely by using personalized strategies.

Questions you should consider and address with our attorneys include:

  • Who will determine the distribution of my estate if I die or become incapacitated?
  • Do I need a living trust or another type of trust?
  • Does my current will or trust need to be reviewed?
  • Does having a will mean my estate won’t have to go through probate?
  • If assets are owned by my spouse and me (joint tenancy), will they be probated?
  • Is my estate big enough to be worried about probate?
  • Can I really avoid estate taxes?
  • What is the best way for me to give to worthy causes?
  • What about my parents?

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McCoy Fatula can help you reach your goals, which probably include peace of mind and smart management of your finances, now and in the future. Our experienced lawyers have many estate planning tools at their disposal, and would like you to have a full understanding of all legal options available to you.

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