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Successful parenting for dads after a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Divorce

While your divorce changed many areas of your life, it did not change the love you have for your children and your desire to be an active and loving parent. However, maintaining a strong role in the lives of the kids after a divorce may be especially challenging for fathers. If you are a dad, you may wonder how you can keep a strong connection with your kids, even though you will no longer be living with them full-time.

It may be helpful to remember that while you will no longer be living with your kids, you are still an invaluable part of their lives. There are specific things you can do to be a present dad at all times when physical proximity is difficult. The foundation for any strong relationship with your kids post-divorce is seeking custody terms that are fair and equitable.

Success as a dad, benefits for the kids

When you are successful as a dad post-divorce, your kids will also benefit. There is significant evidence pointing to the fact that it is best for the kids when they are able to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce. Ways that you can succeed as a divorced dad include the following:

  • Be mentally present when it is your turn to be with your kids.
  • Maintain communication when they are with the other parent through texts, calls and more.
  • Be willing to work respectfully with the other parent as this will be less stressful for the kids.
  • Support your kids during this time as they are also going through a difficult transition as well.
  • Be careful about how you date and how your children are exposed to new adult figures in their lives.

To make your post-divorce success as a dad easier to achieve, you will have to focus on what is best for the kids above all else. When creating a parenting plan, consider how you can provide support, stability and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible.

A strong foundation

The terms of your custody and support order lay the foundation for how you will interact with your kids for years to come. It is in your interests and for the benefit of the kids to maintain their well-being as you negotiate terms and make practical decisions that will positively impact your entire California family well into the future.

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