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Patridge, Bohan agree to use mediation to get through divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Divorce

It may be because celebrities are in the public eye, but often their marital splits seem to be pretty brutal. Such seems to be the case in the divorce of television personalities Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan. Patridge, 33, a California resident, and Australian-born Bohan, 36, have at least agreed to move forward with mediation in their thus far messy divorce.

The couple has a 2-year-old daughter and one of the contentious issues surrounds her custody. But the two have agreed to working through a mediator, albeit within strict parameters. Apparently, court documents indicate that they aren’t to contact each other either directly or indirectly and that means no calls, emails, social media posts, snail mail or by any other means. They have also been instructed not to make derogatory public remarks about each other.

Neither Patridge nor Bohan is allowed to leave Los Angeles or Orange counties, the state or the country with their daughter without prior written consent of the other. The couple filed for divorce in September after having been married for 10 months. They had been together, however, since 2008 and became engaged in 2015.

divorce agreement may be easier to reach with the help of mediation, and lawyers for each individual can help in the process. Each person still has the right to be represented by separate counsel, who can even participate in the mediation if desired. Of course, no final divorce agreement should be signed without it first having been carefully reviewed by legal counsel for each party. Couples who choose mediation will want to be familiar with the California laws and reaching out to an experienced divorce attorney familiar with mediation and settlement agreements may be wise for each to consider.

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