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Effects of gray divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Divorce

Many California couples and others around the country have celebrated anniversaries of over 20 or 30 years. Their children may be grown and have started families of their own. At this point in their lives, they may have assumed that their marriages would last forever. However, according to a major university researcher, the phenomenon of gray divorce is happening more frequently in society.

A gray divorce is simply the term given when a couple over the age of 50 decides to end a marriage. Data indicates that the number of divorces among this demographic is on the rise. Experts have attempted to analyze why couples decide to make such a major life change at a later stage in life.

Statistics show that the divorce rate overall has actually decreased somewhat. However, the level of gray divorce has doubled. Roughly 25 percent of all divorces occur in this age group.

Significant differences were cited among men and women as to the reasons for a gray divorce. Men often referred to financial issues and how their wives disciplined the children. Women frequently mentioned specific behaviors of their husbands, such as addictions to various substances or abusive behaviors as reasons for seeking a divorce.

Regardless of the reasons for a divorce or the age of the couple involved, there are many issues to address in the process. It would be wise to seek the counsel of a California divorce lawyer. A trusted attorney will work with clients to see that their current and future needs are addressed and protected. A knowledgeable lawyer will seek the most favorable outcome in the divorce proceedings.

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