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Millenials: How to deal with divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Divorce

Regardless of age, ending a marriage in California or anywhere around the country can be a trying experience. This is particularly true if a person doesn’t have much of a network for support or empathy with the situation. Many millennials are finding themselves with few peers that understand what they are going through during a divorce. While there are fewer divorces among that demographic, there are also fewer marriages. Thus, someone may be the only person in a group experiencing a divorce.

On the other end of the demographic scale, many older couples are going through so-called gray divorces. In this age group, it is not uncommon to meet others who have also gone through a divorce. However, millennials often have no one to turn to ask questions or seek advice.

Younger couples going through a divorce more likely see their friends getting married and having children. They, on the other hand, must now raise their children as single parents. Experts encourage millennials to seek out others who are going through divorces for support.

Other recommendations include preparing in advance how to discuss a situation with friends and family. Rather than reacting to a person’s shock or disappointment, it would be better to have a response ready that reflects how actions were taken in an individual’s best interests. If children are involved, communicate in detail how the plans for their caregiving will be conducted. It is also never a wise decision to speak negatively about the other spouse to the child or anyone else.

Anyone going through a divorce in this state should seek the guidance of an experienced California lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney can help clients understand the complexities of the divorce process. A strong legal team will protect the rights of clients and work toward achieving the best outcome in the divorce proceedings.

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