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No need for shame when getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2017 | Divorce

A statistic is often quoted that 50 percent of those getting married in California and around the nation don’t stay married. In fact, the divorce rate for the country is dependent on several factors, such as age and when someone got married. Even with such a high number of marriages ending in divorce, it can be a source of shame for some. However, experts want to eradicate that thinking.

Many may view divorce as a shortcoming in their lives. Relationship experts note that it is simply part of life. While some may experience failure in finances, school or health, others may have problems in a relationship. Rather than dwelling on the negative aspect of the divorce, a person should remember that he or she made a choice to end the relationship to improve a situation.

Divorce can actually free someone to live the life they choose. Once someone is no longer in a relationship, the focus can be on learning from the experience and growth for the future. Experts also recommend surrounding oneself with people who are supportive. Negative comments from friends and acquaintances could result in feelings of guilt or shame that are not productive in someone’s quest to start the next chapter in life. Counselors suggest that those going through a divorce need patience as they settle into new routines.

California residents going through a divorce need not feel discouraged about their decision to end a marriage. An experienced divorce attorney can help someone understand the complexities of divorce and navigate them through the legal process. A knowledgeable lawyer will work toward achieving the best outcome for a client in the proceedings.

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