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What would make a 90-year-old man file for divorce?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2017 | Divorce

It may seem safe to assume that if one is still married after many years at age 90, chances are the union will last a lifetime. Nevertheless, one can never be sure. The divorce rate among those who are age 50 and older has apparently skyrocketed in recent years. Some California couples experience a lingering breakdown in communication, while others say they’ve simply outgrown each other.

An elderly man in another state grew concerned when his children from a first marriage began arguing with their step-siblings from a second marriage. The central topic of the argument was their inheritance. The man seemed unable to resolve the situation, and ultimately, he chose to file for divorce.

It’s not uncommon for older couples to consider the negative financial impacts of divorce when thinking of severing their own marital ties. A younger spouse might be more concerned with getting to keep the house; an older person might not worry so much about the house, but about other assets and marital property. Family law advisers say it’s crucial to secure a legal separation to prevent being held liable for incurred spousal debts during time spent apart.

No matter if a California spouse is 30, 50 or more, it’s important to have a support network available to help with various types of problems that arise during the divorce process. Sometimes, an existing prenuptial or postnuptial agreement helps simplify such situations. An experienced family law attorney can review such contracts, as well as offer sound counsel and representation in all court-related matters.

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