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Extenuating circumstances regarding a divorce in another state

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Divorce

Many California residents have been following news updates regarding a young girl’s sudden disappearance, and her subsequent rescue after it was learned she was kidnapped. Parents who hear things like this often want to hold their children a little closer and protect them as best they can. There are some things in life, however, from which it’s difficult to shelter children, such as serious marital problems that lead to divorce.

In some situations, surrounding circumstances have a lot to do with the particular reasons couples choose to divorce. For instance, some situations involve allegations of abuse against one or the other spouse. In fact, the recently rescued girl’s father has filed for divorce from his wife, from whom he’s been separated since 2015 after it was supposedly brought to his attention that she had abused at least five of their 10 children.

A court prohibited her from seeing her children. When the girl who was taken from a location near her home was found, her father said she looked drawn and very stressed. His attorney said the girl is afraid of her mother, which is why the court has forbid the mother from speaking publicly about the kidnapping case.

While this man’s situation is certainly not typical for most California residents who divorce, it’s not entirely uncommon for serious allegations against one or the other parent to become a central focal point of divorce proceedings. Having an experienced family law attorney on hand as a personal advocate may certainly stack the cards in one’s own favor. An attorney can address all aspects of a divorce, as well as any other family law matters that arise during the process.

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