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Did Jon Gosselin inherit a propensity to divorce?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Divorce

Many California residents who divorce first experienced the process in childhood or young adult life when their own parents severed marital ties. This leads some to believe a propensity toward divorce may exist in some families. There are those who say it’s mere coincidence if members of the same family choose to end their marriages; others suggest there’s more to it than that. In fact, some people have insinuated that the divorce of former reality show star, Jon Gosselin, may have just been a natural course of events in his life, since his own parents battled it out for years in court.

Gosselin was married to his wife Kate when the two of them were raising eight children in public view. Theirs was one of the first reality TV shows, which drew the fascination and attention of many fans, week after week. When the couple divorced, the tabloids exploded, conjecturing all sorts of possible causal factors.

Gosselin recently did an interview, telling personal stories regarding the contentious divorce his parents went through when he was younger. It seems he and his father both experienced issues involving finances that may have exacerbated their divorce situations. The younger Gosselin’s former wife said he wasted tons of money of expensive purchases, including motorcycles and cars.

Gosselin’s father said it was his wife who was the spendthrift in their family, and he had to work tirelessly to support her and their three children. Money squabbles like these are not uncommon in divorce. However, whether such problems actually run in families is open to debate. Regardless of the particular issues a California couple may be facing, one thing everyone who chooses to divorce has in common is access to experienced family law attorneys who can act as personal advocates when seeking fair and agreeable outcomes in court.

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