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Even for celebrities, everyday life changes during divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Divorce

Are you one of millions who entertained childhood dreams to come to California to work in Hollywood? Perhaps you’re on your way to realizing those dreams. If so, you’re probably already aware that life changes in many ways when you’re a celebrity. The most obvious issues include a sudden lack of personal privacy, but most stars overlook that because such gigs often come with great perks (like million-dollar-plus incomes) as well.

Celebrities are, at heart, just like non-famous people in that they often encounter problems and trials in their personal lives. Such situations become difficult to navigate with the whole world watching (and, in fact, may actually be). Many celebrities take certain approaches to personal issues such as divorce to try to shield and protect their children and obtain the most positive outcomes possible.

Getting divorced, celebrity-style

From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, this past year held the attention of Hollywood fans as famous couples processed their divorces. Some achieved agreeable settlements in an amicable fashion (as the former couple mentioned above) while others (as the latter) became entangled in highly contentious courtroom battles regarding child custody, visitation and child support. The list below includes some of the approaches many celebrities say they take to mitigate negative circumstances for their families:

  • Keeping family ties tight: Surprisingly, many Hollywood couples divorce, but continue to participate in family activities together. In fact, Affleck and Garner still live in the same house! From vacations to Sunday brunches, these former couples say they place their children’s best interests and peaceable living above the fact that they couldn’t make their marriages work.
  • Low-key and friendly: Some celebrities indeed go their separate ways after divorce, but have no problem sharing their kids with each other. These stories aren’t typically the ones you see in the news because they really just involve people trying to live their lives as “normal” as possible.
  • Kids get the house: A rather new trend in the celebrity divorce arena involves children remaining in the home their parents shared in marriage, with each parent coming to live with them off and on in a rotating shared custody arrangement.

You might not like the idea of living with your former spouse, or, perhaps it’s not even an option because your new job requires your relocation to another state. Just because you can’t develop a celebrity-style parenting plan doesn’t mean you do not have your children’s best interests at heart or can’t create a new and happy lifestyle for your family.

A key factor to that end often lies in securing experienced family law assistance long before unresolved issues get out of hand. Many California attorneys are highly skilled negotiators who can advocate on your behalf to protect your parental rights and obtain a settlement that provides for your immediate needs and long-term future parenting goals.

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