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Divorce doesn’t mean you have to waive your rights

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Divorce

Those in California who have ended their marriages understand how complex and challenging the process can be. However, just because you’ve chosen to divorce does not mean you are forfeiting your personal rights. What rights you have pertaining to your divorce depends on various factors, including whether you have children, whether you signed a prenuptial or separation agreement and what current state laws have bearing on your particular situation.

You may have the right to economic support and/or property and various assets. You also have the right to hire legal representation to act on your behalf in court. Much is “up for grabs” in divorce, as well, such as who will get physical custody of your children and whether you or your spouse will be ordered to pay child support. At McCoy Fatula, APC, our understanding of California law, along with compassionate and dedicated counsel, can eliminate much of your uncertainty and provide clear direction to help you accomplish your goals.

Whether you have filed for divorce from your spouse or have been served with papers, we are prepared to offer a full review of your situation to help you determine how best to proceed to obtain a comprehensive settlement. A crucial part of protecting your rights is knowing what those rights are in the first place. We can answer any questions you might have and clarify all aspects of divorce law, including those that pertain to division of property and/or child custody matters.

Divorce is obviously a life-altering decision and the process is seldom easy. However, it need not be wrought with frustration and worry if you act alongside skilled and experienced guidance. By contacting our California office, you can take the first steps toward a positive outcome and a new and happy future.

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