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Photo of Professionals at McCoy Fatula, APC

Where to get help with child custody and other family law issues

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Family Law

Even the strongest of families in California and throughout the nation sometimes face difficult challenges in life. Often, problem situations involve some aspect of family law, such as divorce, child custody or other related issues. A person can feel alone and overwhelmed if he or she does not know where to turn for support in times of need.

When a particular matter appears to be unable to be resolved due to highly charged emotions or one spouse’s refusal to cooperate, seeking outside support is often the surest means for turning the tide, so-to-speak, and obtaining a swift and amicable agreement. Often, such outside support might include a skilled family law attorney. McCoy Fatula, APC understands how stressful it can be when a family problem becomes a legal matter.

To find successful solutions to child custody and divorce problems, it is often wise to allow an experienced negotiator to act on your behalf. Our dedicated legal team has helped many parents protect their rights and obtain outcomes that help them meet their immediate needs and future goals for their children. We’re also committed to helping you submit requests for modification of existing court orders if you have had a major life change that warrants it.

No matter the circumstances that have affected your current divorce and child custody agreement, we can review your situation. By relying on our experienced guidance, you can determine how best to proceed to resolve any issues at hand. By contacting our California family law office, you can arrange a consultation to begin developing a secure plan that helps you and your children move forward toward a successful and happy future.

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