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Addressing attitude issues in divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2017 | Divorce

Most couples who marry in California or anywhere else in the nation typically do so with the intention of remaining committed to their relationships for a lifetime. Statistics show this is not always possible. Divorce rates are increasingly high in the United States, and many believe one of the main differences between those who decide to stay married and those who part ways with their spouses is attitude.

The way a married couple handles conflict is of paramount importance to the longevity of the relationship. If a serious breakdown in communication occurs, frustration can lead to resentment, which many say is often the first sign of demise in a marriage. Some counselors say preventing divorce is easier if both parties agree to pretend the option does not exist.

Studies show divorce often occurs when one or both spouses becomes dissatisfied with their current arrangement. Whether personal disagreements make it difficult to get along or dreams and goals are not being supported, many people begin to look outside their immediate relationship for support. However, some couples determine to accept whatever happens for the sake of staying together.

Every marriage is obviously unique, and the problems some couples are able to overcome prove unbearable for others. Divorce is seldom easy, and it is not uncommon to feel lonely or confused when trying to determine how best to proceed to resolve problematic issues and move forward to a new stage in life. For those in California currently facing such challenges, a consultation may be sought with an experienced family law attorney to seek support and guidance before making any final decisions.

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