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DeAndre Jordan rejoices in family law victory

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Family Law

NBA superstar Deandre Jordan has been engaged in an ongoing child custody battle with the mother of his 1-year-old son. A recent development in the case has caught the attention of basketball fans across the nation. Jordan reportedly obtained a small family law victory in a California court regarding visits with his child.

The judge presiding over the recent hearing between Jordan and the baby’s mother ruled that Jordan be granted two overnight sleepovers per month with the toddler. Sources say Jordan was so elated at the news, he broke down crying in the courtroom. Although it is only a couple visits per month, it appears Jordan is very satisfied with the court’s decision.

He and the child’s mother are scheduled to reappear in court in March 2017. Before the judge made his recent decision, the boy’s mother had requested sole custody. The judge also specified the child’s parents are to abstain from any alcohol or drugs within eight hours of spending time with him.

Every person facing family law problems in California is not a superstar. However, just as famous people are entitled to seek outside support to resolve their child custody issues, so, too, may a non-famous parent. There are many things an experienced attorney can do to advocate on behalf of a concerned parent in court. One of those things is to make sure all involved keep the children’s best interests at heart. The court typically considers state-varied guidelines when ruling on matters of child custody, visitation or support, but will often ask concerned parents to voice their opinions and requests before handing down a final ruling.

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