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Avoiding divorce stress during the holiday season

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Divorce

Soon, many families in California and throughout the United States will be celebrating a festive holiday season. For those who are in the midst of divorce, certain challenges might arise that could make or break celebrations, depending on the circumstances. Others with experience balancing holidays and divorce say there are several things to keep in mind to prevent trouble.

Many couples who divorce have specific instructions in their court orders regarding holiday celebrations. The typical custody or visitation schedule may become somewhat altered during this time of year. It is best to review existing court orders ahead of time to avoid things like each parent claiming he/she is the one who is supposed to be with the children on a certain holiday.

Some parents create schedule lists and post them in conspicuous locations where they are visible to all family members. This can help toward smooth transitions and keep everyone informed. Even with posted lists, however, life sometimes throws a curve ball; so, it also helps to be flexible and willing to compromise when needed.

Those who become nostalgic and saddened when recalling traditions and memories from happy married times may want to build new memories and allow children to start new traditions in order to remain upbeat and joyful during holiday celebrations. To avoid  divorce stress, it might be a good idea to give a California family law attorney a call to review the situation and clarify any legal aspect of a custody arrangement or visitation schedule that may have bearing upon holiday plans. An attorney can help a concerned parent keep children’s best interests at heart and seek swift and agreeable solutions to any problems that arise.

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