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Options for selling a California home after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Divorce

Couples in California who end their marriages often face challenges regarding distribution of assets, property division and other related matters. Typically, one of the largest assets of concern is the house a couple shared during marriage. Determining how best to proceed in selling the house after divorce may include several options.

One of the obvious decisions to make regarding selling a house post divorce concerns price. Former spouses will need to agree on what the selling price should be and through which agency a house will be listed on the market. Also, those involved may face issues regarding whether one of the spouses will continue to reside in the house until someone buys it.

Such situations can become complicated, especially if there is still mortgage due on the house being sold. Divorced couples may decide to equally contribute to mortgage payments, or they can assign payments only to the person dwelling in the house, which then leads to issues regarding whether that person should be credited for those payments at the point of sale. Many former spouses have found it helpful to seek skilled intervention when negotiating such issues.

An experienced family law attorney in California would be able to assist any client in the state seeking amicable solutions to these or other problems related to divorce. Divorce is seldom easy, and selling the home once shared with a spouse may evoke feelings of uncertainty or frustration. Relying on the sound counsel and experienced guidance of an attorney who has helped others resolve similar problems may help a concerned party alleviate stress and avoid arguments.

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