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Dating contract part of Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Divorce

When a California marriage ends in court, there are any number of formal agreements that might be made between former spouses. Negotiations may include discussions regarding personal and professional lives after divorce. When children are involved, situations can become complicated, and one spouse may submit requests that the other finds unfair. Mega movie star Tom Cruise insisted that his former wife, Katie Holmes, sign a contract limiting her potential future social life.

Holmes says she wanted so much to be divorced from Cruise that she allowed herself to be talked into signing the agreement which forbids her to date in public until 2017. The contract also keeps Holmes from bringing any of her dates into her daughter’s presence. Hollywood has alluded to a romantic relationship between Holmes and actor/singer/comedian Jamie Foxx, speculating that because of the divorce contract, any relationship that might exist between the two will to be kept private until the terms of the agreement are fulfilled.

Other, perhaps more common issues addressed in divorce include child support and spousal support. In Holmes’ situation, part of the divorce settlement included $4.8 million for her daughter and $5 million for herself. Holmes said her former husband went to tremendous effort to make certain he would not be embarrassed in any way.

This may be why he requested she not date publicly for five years; it also may have something to do with why Holmes had to agree (in writing) never to publicly discuss Cruise himself or his belief in Scientology. Whether in California or another part of the nation, anyone being asked to sign a contract during divorce negotiations may want to seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney first. Such assistance often helps to obtain positive results.

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