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Divorce Can Be Seasonal Says Study

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2016 | Divorce

Exactly when people tend to file for divorce the most is not an exact science. There are a multitude of factors for each individual divorce situation. Every married couple’s circumstance is unique and of course can’t be pigeon-holed into exact seasonal trends. However, data can at least provide general spikes in when it is most common. A recent study has done just that and gathered and analyzed data showing these seasonal trends. A study conducted by University of Washington sociologists found a biannual spike in divorce filings. The study reviewed data in Washington between 2001 and 2015. The results?

There were two spikes in the year when divorce filings were highest. They were end of summer and winter months (August and March respectively). These are also post-holiday seasons. After a long holiday season of Christmas, New Year’s and then time to think things over in February, March was the first spike in divorce filings. Keep in mind this study was conducted in Washington exclusively.

The other holiday season was summer. August brings on school for kids and a sort of “reset” period. Another what seems to be popular time to file for divorce. What is it about these post-holiday periods that seem to bring out a spike in the number of divorce filings?

Researchers and sociologists who have analyzed this study and data point to how these holidays are sacred family times. In many cases, despite what is going on between married couples, things are glossed over because of these family holidays. Issues and long-standing problems can be pushed to the side for the sake of these holidays. However, time with family can also bring out more stress and tensions. These may be why the post-holiday month for each season could be the time when the divorce is finally determined as the next step.

While the data in this individual study does show these general trends, it is important to keep in mind this doesn’t mean that these are the times to file for divorce. This is a serious decision and one that should be discussed with an experienced California divorce attorney.

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